Unfiltered Series: Magnetic Dead Sea Face Mask

I usually write face masks reviews on my Instagram stories, but this product requires a longer review since it’s not a face sheet mask. I bought this product on my trip to Israel so around December of last year and I just tried it recently. Lol.

When I was at the Dead Sea, I stopped by a boutique that was selling skincare products with mud from this sea. This ingredient is good for your skin, because it removes the impurities and reduces your breakouts (if you’ve acne). This product is magnetic and I’ve been fascinated by this kind of masks since they were first released but the ones at Sephora are sold at a price that falls under the category “luxury product”.

»»———  REVIEW  ———««

This is what the packaging looks like

This is what the packaging looks like

The product comes with a mini magnet and a spatula to help you apply the mask.

As I mentioned plenty of times on my blog, I’ve sensitive and acne prone skin so since I started getting into face masks, I made a habit to look up the ingredients listed on the back of the product. Most of the ingredients listed for one face mask can be found in another. In my reviews, I usually do a “key ingredients”.

Key ingredients: Dead Sea mud (helps reducing skin impurities), coconut oil (reduces skin inflammation) and shea butter (anti-aging properties).

What I like

✿ Massages it well into the skin

✿ Easy to take off because of the magnet (it needs to be wrapped in a tissue before using it)

✿ After washing your face, the mask leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized

What I don’t like

✿ Difficult to apply, event with the spatula, you’ve to use your fingers to massage the mask into the skin

✿ The moisture of the mask doesn’t last until the next day

The face mask

The face mask

How to remove the mask

The magnet which comes with

The magnet which comes with

Removal of the mask