Unfiltered Series: Disappointing Products


Have you ever bought a product thinking it'll help improve your skincare routine or your makeup looks, but it ends up being a huge disappointment? This post is all about that. Maybe for some people, these products worked, but unfortunately, not for me. 

Let's start! 

I realized that most of the products I'll be talking about today have to do with skincare. 


1) Bare Minerals Bare Pro Foundation


When I first bought this, I wasn't very experienced in the foundation department. I've acne prone skin, so I try to stay away from full coverage foundations, because I don't want my pores to be clogged. And what attracted me to this product is the fact is made of minerals, it also promises a longwear. And the other good thing about it is that your face doesn't breakout from using it. Other than that...after an hour from applying the foundation, it starts to crease around the nose and mouth. Even though it claims to be longwear, it does not stay on for eight hours. It also oxidizes which makes your face not match with your skin tone anymore. I really wanted to love this foundation, but I just couldn't. 


2) GlamGlow Mega Illuminating Moisturizer


Since I do most of my makeup shopping at Sephora, I'm a part of their rewards program. And the points earned from purchases can be redeemed on some products selected by Sephora. This moisturizer was actually a part of the birthday gift from them. I was excited to try this, because I've heard good things about the brand. But I was quickly let down. It doesn't hydrate your skin AT ALL. This moisturizer also claims to have an illuminating effect, but it didn't deliver. My skin didn't look brighter after applying it. It didn't make my foundation apply smoother. 


3) BECCA Velvet Blurring Primer


This is another product that I redeemed using my points at Sephora. I was running low on primer and I decided to get this one from BECCA. It promises to boost your glow, hydrate and matify your look. But it didn't deliver. 

First of all, the color of this primer is weird. It looks orange and the odor isn't nice either. And because I've dry skin, after I applied the primer, I started seeing big dry patches on my face. 


4) Nivea Peeling Cleanser


When I was living in Austria, I got introduced to this skincare brand, Nivea. Every time I go to Austria, I always buy stuff from them, because their products cleared my skin in the past. I bought this peeling cleanser which is made specially for people with acne prone skin (so me). This product says that it'll help purify the skin and improve the appearance. I used it for five months, and my skin ended up looking worse, I broke out really bad. 

So...these are the four products that let me down. This is the case for all skincare/makeup products, it's a hit or miss.