Always Wear Sunscreen + The Face Shop Sunscreen [REVIEW]

When I tell people that I wear sunscreen every day now, I usually get reactions such as “why? what benefits does it have?”, “even when it’s cloudy outside?”. So I decided to write a post on this topic or my answer to these questions.

I admit. I used to be one of those people that would only wear sunscreen during summer, but lately, I’ve been doing more research on how I can improve my skincare routine and I learned how wearing sunscreen is more than just protecting you from UV exposure.


In this list, I won’t include the most obvious fact which is sunburn prevention.

1) Sunscreen should be worn daily, no matter your location (yes, even indoors!).

Even if you’ve an office job, where you spend most of your time indoors, it’s still important to wear sunscreen, because UV exposure can occur from ultraviolet that penetrates through glass, UVA.

2) Sunscreen shouldn’t only be applied to the face, but also on the neck!

3) Start with a sunscreen that has a SPF number of 30

The higher the SPF number, the better. I’ve extremely sensitive skin, so I always buy sunscreen with an SPF number of 50.

4) Prevents premature aging

The main cause of premature aging of the face is due to ultraviolet exposure, so wearing sunscreen daily, helps slow down the process of developing wrinkles. Isn’t this great??

5) Keeps skin tone even

It prevents facial brown spots and skin discolorations.

I don’t know about you, but after reading all the benefits wearing sunscreen daily has, I was sold lol. Or if you’re someone who’s struggling with acne (like myself), you were probably prescribed benzoyl peroxide by the dermatologist and told that you need to wear sunscreen every day because if not, the sun will burn your face.

Wondering how you can incorporate sunscreen into your routine?

You always apply it after moisturizer.

And now let me tell you about my favorite sunscreen! It’s from The Face Shop (Korean brand) and it’s called Eco Natural Sun which a power long-lasting sunscreen. Before this, I used to have the one from Neutrogena for sensitive skin, but it made break out so bad!! If you’ve acne prone skin, I don’t recommend the one from Neutrogena.

~~ The Face Shop Eco Natural Sun [REVIEW] ~~


As already mentioned, it has a SPF number of 50 and also PA+++ which is high UVA protection. Since I’ve sensitive skin, I prefer using products that are made from natural plant extracts so another reason why I chose this. It has rhubarb plant, argan tree seed and blue sea kale extracts.

What I like about this product:

✿ Matte finish but moisturizing

✿ Covers blemishes

✿ Gives the skin a dewy look

✿ No white cast

✿ Foundation applies better after putting on this sunscreen

✿ I’ve noticed that there’s less oil on my T zone throughout the day (I’ve combination skin, dry and oily)

✿ Didn’t make my skin break out

What I don’t like:

✿ Slightly thicker consistency than the previous sunscreen used

✿ Scented

Price: 16.49 USD.


You can find it on Amazon: