Yume Twins: REVIEW

If you spend as much time as me on the internet, you know that subscription boxes are the latest craze. I'm pretty sure there's a subscription box on anything you're interested in buying. From makeup to dog food. 

This is the first subscription box I bought. I discovered Yume Twins on Instagram when I was scrolling through my feed, an ad for it popped up. That day I wasn't feeling great so I needed some cute things to lift up my mood (lol)


What's Yume Twins?

It's a monthly kawaii subscription box that has cute plushies and trending kawaii items from Japan. Oh, and FREE SHIPPING! They also have five plans you can choose from: 

✿ 1 Month plan: $35 

✿ 3 Months: $33.50 /month 

✿ 6 Months: $32.00 /month

✿ 12 Months: $31.50 /month

I chose the one month plan, because I wanted to see whether I'll like what I get in the box or not. 

»»——— REVIEW ———««

I got the September box. I wanted to get the August one, but I signed up too late, I did it on the last day of July, but it was already August 1st in Japan so that's why I got the September box. Before choosing a plan, keep in mind the time zone difference. 

The theme of this box is Staycation, so all the items received are suppose to help you out for when you do a weekend getaway and keeping it kawaii. Also, it takes around 3-4 weeks to receive your box, you get an email when they ship it, but there's no tracking number so the waiting game begins.


The box came with six items: 

1) Pikachu Zipper Bags

2) Little Twin Stars Eco Bags (there's 2)

3) Hello Kitty Toothbrush Kit

4) Onsen Bird Plushy

5) Disney Tsum Tsum Tumbler

6) Marumofubiyori Sticky Notes

If I were to choose my top 3 favorite items, I'd say the zipper bag, Little Twin Stars Eco bags and Onsen bird plushy. 

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase, the items are super cute and of good quality! I don't see myself doing a monthly plan for Yume Twins, but I'll keep an eye out on their Instagram regarding upcoming box themes. If I like the theme, I'll order from Yume Twins again. 

Want to try Yume Twins? http://fbuy.me/j9VHR   Use my referral link and get $5 off your first box!