What's an Aland?

I enjoy watching makeup videos on Youtube and a couple of weeks ago, I came across Edward Avila who is an American beauty guru, but currently resides in Seoul (South Korea). In one of his videos, he mentioned this store, Aland, and that they sell affordable streetwear. I always look for new stores to shop at and when I heard that they recently opened in Brooklyn, it was something that I added to my to do list for my next trip to New York City! 

So... what’s an Aland? It’s a Korean fashion store that sells only streetwear clothing. Also, all the brands found in store are Korean and you can only find three pieces of clothing from each brand so when you browse through their selection, it’s not uncommon to see that each hanger might carry a different brand.

I had to travel to NYC again this week, so I decided to check out Aland myself, mostly because I wanted to learn how to dress like a cool kid from Seoul. Aland opened in the states on July 30th and it’s located at 92 N. 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249.

・・・★  ALAND REVIEW ★・・・


From the outside, you can tell that Aland goes for a minimalist look. As for the inside, the way it was set up, it kinda reminded me of Urban Outfitters, but I was hoping the prices weren’t UO prices. The store has two floors, and on the first one, besides clothes, you can also find Korean skincare products from brands like Klairs and Cosrx (including face masks) and a wide range  accessories from phone cases to hats and bags. Another thing I liked about first floor is that they’ve plants, which gives a very fresh look to the store. The atmosphere was soothing, with music playing that you usually hear on Majestic Casual Youtube channel.

I really had to take my time at Aland, because there were so many brands and I couldn’t decide which one I liked the most, if I could, I’d have bought the entire store lol. Their selection of clothing can be described in three words: comfortable, casual but stylish. All the clothes are made in Korea and the fabric used is of high quality. While I was browsing through the store, I was kinda disappointed by their sizing system. On some price tags, under the size, it says “free”, which means the clothing should fit all. C’mon, it’s 2018, can brands stop creating one size items? Because they don’t necessarily  fit all body types since we’re all different. Or other clothes had the usual sizing system (S-XL). As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Aland only has three pieces of clothing from each brand, so if you don’t find your size, there’s nothing you can do about it because they currently don’t have an online US/international store. As for price, they were decent, I mean what I bought was $28 each, but there were items (especially blouses and dresses) that would go up to $150.

In the end, I settled for 2 T-shirts and a vitamin C serum.

Overall, I enjoyed my Aland experience. I feel like it’s something different than what we currently have here, in the US. Aland shouldn’t be compared with Urban Outfitters, because this store offers affordable prices and the brands they carry aren’t mainstream. Also, the concept is interesting as how the store makes a curation of what clothing pieces from what brand they should have. And it gives you the opportunity to shop Korean brands, also giving you a glimpse to what it’s currently trending in South Korea. I just wish they’d have an international online store.