La La Latte: Pavement Coffeehouse

This is my last post in the La La Latte series, because I’m moving from Boston.

Shall we begin?

This week’s star is: Pavement Coffeehouse


I noticed this coffeehouse on my way back from a Red Sox game. And I decided to check it out the next day. It’s located in the Fenway area. I was surprised to learn that Pavement has multiple locations in Boston, but I hadn’t heard about it until I passed by the coffeehouse. It might be because only 2-3 coffee shops are hyped up in Boston, and you don’t know about others unless you go on Yelp or pass by.

This coffee shop from the outside, looks like rustic meets modern. They even have a sitting area outside to be used for when it’s warm outside! So you can enjoy your coffee under the sun. When I walked in, I was surprised to see how big this place is, because from the outside, it didn’t give that impression. There’s plenty of seats including different types such as high/shared/small tables. As for the decor inside, it keeps the same theme: rustic meets modern. On the walls, there’s plants, roster, plates (each of them are placed inside of wooden boxes).

Besides coffee, they also serve tea, bagels, sandwiches and a limited selection of pastries (muffins and cookies). They have whole bean coffee for sale and the beans originate from Colombia and Burundi. Those two countries are known for having great coffee beans!

An iced latte at Pavement Coffeehouse

An iced latte at Pavement Coffeehouse

As for coffee, I ordered an iced latte. They only have regular. I paid $4.25. When I got the latte, the cup was a medium (regular), I actually got what I paid for! As for the taste, it was similar with the one from Ogawa. I could taste a bit of bitterness of the coffee beans and it was the perfect balance of espresso, milk and ice in the cup. Even though the latte tasted a bit bitter, it was also sweet (without adding sugar).

Ok, so out of all the places I’ve been to, which one do I think has the best iced latte?

Top 3

  1. Ogawa Coffee

  2. Pavement Coffeehouse

  3. Nero