La La Latte: Tatte Bakery & Café

If you’re new to my blog, the La La Latte is a little challenge I set to myself to find the best iced latte in Boston. This is also a great excuse for me to go to more coffee shops in the area.

Shall we begin?

This week’s star is: Tatte Bakery & Café.


Tatte has many locations in Boston, but I went to the one on Newbury. No matter when I go, it’s always busy in there and I can never find a seat. When I pictured myself writing this review, it was me sitting at one of their cute tables, typing furiously on my laptop while sipping from my coffee. Well, my dream didn’t come true. I went to Tatte twice. When I first went, it was on a Saturday afternoon (bad move), because there were no seats, and the second attempt was at 10 am on a Tuesday. After I got my coffee, I waited for someone to leave so I could grab a seat. But my luck ran out on those two occasions (I guess).


I like the set up at Tatte. It’s minimalist meets French café. And their interior also matches with their brand colors: black and white. As for what you can get at Tatte besides coffee and tea, they also have a wide range of pastries and desserts. I’ve tried pistachio croissant, mixed fruit box (it’s a tart; I highly recommend it) and dark chocolate mousse cake!

The size of a large iced latte at Tatte

The size of a large iced latte at Tatte


When it came to order my latte, they don’t have a regular size. They only have small and large. I ordered a large because the small size is similar to a tall at Starbucks. For a large, I paid $4.25 (without tax). It’s worth mentioning that when it comes to ordering an iced latte, I never get flavors because I don’t like those in my coffee. So it’s always a classic latte for me lol.

The taste of this latte was similar to the one from Ogawa. It was good and I like when I can taste the bitterness from the coffee beans. I also liked that it didn’t have too much ice in the cup so I could still taste the coffee.

Based on my observations, I’ll give a score of 5 (out of 5) to this iced latte! Now, Tatte and Ogawa are on the same place since I gave to both places a 5.

Off to the next coffeeshop ~