La La Latte: Ogawa Coffee

I haven’t done this kind of post in a while, mostly because the few months of 2018 were extremely busy for me so I didn’t have time to check out cool new spots.

But I finally found time to get back into doing this challenge.

Shall we begin?

This week’s star is: Ogawa Coffee


This coffee place is a hidden gem at downtown crossing in Boston. I feel like not many people know about it, because it’s located on a street where there’s mostly offices. From the outside, it looks like a typical coffee shop. However, the inside is very minimalistic. The place itself is small so not enough seats, I had to wait until I found an empty seat. The atmosphere is nice, they play chill/indie songs that make the perfect background music for studying or working. Also, the employees were super nice! I learned that this place is a Japanese chain. Therefore, they’ve a variety of Japanese tea you can try!

One thing I forgot to mention about seating is there’s tables but also stadium seating. If you feel like trying something new, you can use the stadium seating. I didn’t so I sat at a table lol.

For those familiar with this “challenge” on my blog, I try to find the best iced latte in Boston, thus at any coffee shop that I review, that’s the only coffee beverage I order. I got a large iced latte (it was one of those days) and I paid $5.50. It’s pricey but I feel like this is the standard price for a large coffee in the downtown area of Boston. I’d not pay this amount everyday though! Once in a while, it’s fine.

But you get what you pay for. The latte was of high quality, it tasted really good. I don’t put too much sugar in my coffee, because I like to be able to taste that bitterness of the coffee beans. And the size of the latte was actually a large.

Oh, and they do art on hot latte/cappuccino. At the moment, they do winter themes. How cool is that?

Based on my observations, I’ll give a score of 5 (out of 5) to this iced latte! Wow, did I just find the “perfect” iced latte? From all the places I’ve been to, this latte tasted the best.

Don’t worry, I’ll continue reviewing coffee shops on my blog!