La La Latte: Caffè Nero

I feel like I’ve not written in forever, but I’m still adjusting to my new schedule. But I’m back and with a new post of my La La Latte series!

When I first decided on doing this “challenge”, I was going to map out all the coffee shops in Boston and then group them depending on how far they are from where I live. Well, that plan failed, because I realized that every time I pass by a coffee shop, I’d walk in, buy an iced latte and just review it. Lol.

Ok, shall we begin?

This week’s star is: Caffè Nero


I’ve been to this place several times before finally deciding to do a review on their iced latte. I actually like Nero, I mean the phrase “several times” kinda gave it away, right? Haha. Besides their coffee, I really like the way they decorate each location they have in Boston; it’s very stylish. I mean I’ve been only to 2 of their locations so far (in Downton Crossing), but the furniture reminds me of a bookstore. Thus, it gives a chill vibe. Nero is a great spot for doing homework/studying or just relaxing after a long day.

As for the iced latte, it tastes good! They only sell it in one size and that’s regular. Compared to Blue Bottle Coffee, this cup size is actually regular. I paid $4.01 (including tax, I live in Massachusetts if that helps). What makes it taste good is the coffee beans, I don’t know their place of origin, but they taste sweet and bitter at the same time. It gives a nice balance. I don’t like putting too much sugar in my coffee, because I want to be able to actually taste the coffee lol. You can also get a punch card and the 10th coffee is on them!

I like the design on the cup, it reminds me of Greece for some reason.

I like the design on the cup, it reminds me of Greece for some reason.

Based on my observations, I’ll give a score of 4.5 (out of 5) to this iced latte! Why? Because even though it tasted good, I’m sure there’s place where you can have even better coffee!

Fun fact: Caffè Nero means “black coffee” in Italian.

Now off to the next coffee shop!